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Olx Nigeria offers a platform where buyers conveniently avail their product for sale. The products on sale are listed free of charge on the site and allow parties to interact with each other concerning the product. To provide ease of identifying the goods, the website has several categories under which the product is identified. Any items ranging from vehicles to used mobile phones, pets, and crockery are listed on the site.

The sellers have to create a profile that will contain their contacts and locations. This profile is only visible to the buyer who logs into the site. Olx Nigeria allows a direct payment of the goods to the terms aged upon by the parties, which eliminates the high handling costs. To create an impression of the products, the site allows the sellers to post several photos of the product they are selling. Since the listed products may be located in an area not known to the buyers, olx Nigeria has included a site map to guide users to the locations. Additionally, olx Nigeria has made it easier to shop via religions, cities within regions and on prices. The process of setting this parameter is easy to access and follow

OLX Site:  https://www.olx.com.ng

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Olx Nigeria homepage is set in an easy to navigate orientation. The main product listing categories are displayed in colorful medium-sized icons that are accompanied with images for easier identification. The display makes the page easier to use even for those who cannot read the words but can identify the images. The search bar located on the home page allows easier navigation through the listing. The homepage bar allows searching by an item and location, which add to the ease of using this page.

The loading speeds of the olx Nigeria is incredibly high even with the high number of items on the display. The absence of too many external ads shortens the loading time of the site thus saving the user's time and of course their data bundles. The fewer adverts also ensure concentration on the listed items and avoid unnecessary distractions. The log in requirements creates a safe environment for the site for business activities. The safety of users' contacts information is assured by the partially blocked display to the public but is made available on request by the sellers.

The help page of olx Nigeria is very informative and resourceful. It categorizes the main areas of help that may be required. Each category has a list of information on how to do some issues on the site on your own. For any person who is not sure of the issues within the site, this helps function come in very handy. If one has an issue not listed on the help page, the site has an online standby help button. The online support staff is swift to respond to the customer queries. To ensure ease of navigation, olx Nigeria strategically places the important function button like categories and search buttons at the top and bottom of the page

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