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Mobile phones have become key gadgets widely used for communication, consuming web content, and recording audiovisual content. However, selecting the right one from the hundreds of options available can be difficult. Some of the things you should look for when shopping for mobile phones include:

Mobile phones fall into two main categories:

Basic/feature phones     Smartphones

Basic phones typically come with minimal features such as voice calling, text messaging, phonebook, calculator, FM radio and alarm clock. As such, they are generally cheaper than smartphones. On the other hand, smartphones support mobile apps and other sophisticated features such as GPS maps and voice command. It is worth noting that the cost of smartphones ranges anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending on the features present as well as the brand. Overall, a basic phone is the right choice if you simply want a phone for communication while a smartphone is the sensible choice if you want a phone that you can use to access your email account, stream audiovisual content, and visit social networking sites such as Facebook.

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Mobile Phones in NigeriaOS System

When shopping for a smartphone, you should pay special attention to the underlying OS because different OS systems support different mobile apps. Currently, the most popular OS systems are Android and iOS. Other less popular OS systems include Windows Phone and Blackberry. Google's Android platform supports a wide range of handset brands including Samsung, HTC and LG. In addition, the Android OS is renowned for ease of customization, wide range of features and widgets, and ease of use. On its part, Apple's iOS is renowned for its sleek UI designs and intuitive user interactions. Although Android now supports a host of digital assistants, the iOS platform supports Apple's voice-controlled digital assistant, Siri. Blackberry's OS is a robust platform that is famed for its strong data encryption. Finally, the Windows Phone OS comes with mobile friendly versions of Windows Office packages (including Excel and Word) that can be easily synced with desktop versions.

Unlocked or Carrier-Based

In most cases, carrier-based phones tend to be cheaper than unlocked phones. However, it is worth noting that carrier terms and conditions vary depending on handset brand/model, design, features, and popularity. Moreover, even if you opt for unlocked phones, you would still need to sign up with a wireless carrier in some cdountries.

Some of the key factors to consider when buying new phones include the operating system and type. Additionally, you should evaluate your communication needs carefully to determine whether they require unlocked or carrier-based phones.

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